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Custom Wall Murals

Custom mural example Custom murals can be made from most any original piece of artwork or image. Great addition to the workplace as a showcase piece for "hometown heros" or in your home showing off some of your original artwork.
  • Murals are printed standard on a thin paper material but other options/upgrades are available, including vinyl and canvas. Call for additional information.

  • Murals can be printed in specific panels for ease during installation.

  • Murals are meant to be installed indoors.

  • Most murals can be printed and ready to ship in as little as 2 weeks.
Call our toll free phone # 1-888-242-7448 to speak with a Customer Service Representative or send us an e-mail.

How it Works:

  • Your original image must be high quality and of high resolution. We require an image of at least 250 - 300 dpi (dots per inch). This can include a good quality 35mm negative. Your original can be sent as a paper/photo version, negative film, or on a CD-ROM. We prefer working with a CD file.

  • Your original image should be a minimum of 8 x 12 to 9 x 12 inches for best results.

  • Remember: Your finished custom wall mural will only be as good as your original image. If you have a blurry part of your original, your custom mural will be blurry in the very same part.

  • The charge to create a custom wall mural is $8.50 per square foot - finished size (using standard paper for printing). Pricing options differ for different materials (i.e. vinyl or canvas).

  • No taxes.

  • Please NOTE: IF the image is not print ready and requires additional enhancing or editing, there may be additional charges for scanning, proofs, etc. which will increase the cost. We will determine this with you before placing your order.

    Your custom mural will take approximately 1.5 weeks to complete.

  • Your finished custom mural will be created on a medium weight paper, and will come in paneled sections (whatever is appropriate for your mural size). The mural requires being installed with a good heavy duty clear paste.

How to get your order started:

  • Email Us the following:
    • Attach to your email the image to be re-created
    • Size of desired final product
    • Contact information

  • Please allow 24 hours for image review. A customer service agent will contact you back with the next steps.

  • Once the order is placed, our mural developer will begin work on your custom mural print. A strike-off will then be printed - a strike-off is a printed section of the finished custom mural. It is how the finished mural will actually look. We will then send this image to you by mail for your review and approval. There is a small fee for the strike-off, depending upon the size of your finished mural.

  • That's all there is to it!

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